Friday, November 13, 2009



Just wana thank God for everything =)

Thank God for such wonderful family=)

Thank God for such wonderful friends =)
Ahvon is so sweet... just nice when im feeling a bit sick she surprised me w limejuice which i seriously need for my sorethroat and made my day =)

Thank God that my coming exams format is only short ans and mcq =)

Haha anw im lovin to work at subct more each day! My colleagues r just super cool...
Sally rocks e most! No matter how headache e situation is she still can joke and make us laugh =) Today it rained so only jx and i went tabao lunch while other eat cupnoodles... shared one umbrella and when we reached back i realised jx is half drenced while im totally dry! So gentleman right! =) Haha mama cooked eggs for us today too =) Ming came back to help =) ♥ them

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