Sunday, November 01, 2009



I really love my workplace... ♥ my colleagues ♥ my workscope ♥ my judge
I love my sch.. ♥ my tutors ♥ my friends ♥ the style
But i dun like it when two are running concurrently! Its starting to get tiring... but well guess its still managable =)

Anw this week at work i got pranked by ming and jx!!! They smsed me late at night to tell me i did a mistake and prison called... I freaked out!!! Stupid.. lucky they PGed shortly or else i wont b able to sleep well le! Haha on the good side, Ming gave me a box of choco for mitigation and its super nice! When it comes to food all apologies are accepted =) I did my revenge by prankin niger too.. hopefully he will prank ming or jx back! :P

Went to celebrate halloween w my babes and ch's friends yest! Haha saw crazy andrea acting as a crazy man! Din manage to take a lot of pics... tis one of my fav =)

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