Saturday, December 05, 2009



=) Today had amazing race at zoo and my team got FIRST!!! =)

Haha anw i cant really rmb wat i did for e past 3 weeks... for work was good but really busy coverin cts and typin NEs... sch been hell.. and had quite a few bdaes party :)

Anw was talking with peima over dinner just now and realised time really flies! Flies way too fast... in a few months time fel, andrea, mark will b graduating.. which means i will hav graduated by a year, worked for a yr and lead my cellgrp for a yr! Everything feels like yesterday...

Haha well i suppose that its a good thing to be busy :)
Looking forward to next few weeks... mon my judge will be back! 14th dec my probation will b over and theres church camp, christmas parties =)
Yay tml meetin my babes to discuss abt christmas and tues blazers for dinner =)

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