Monday, October 29, 2007



This is my BEST FRIEND mark... haha since he complained my blog has no nice pics.. i shd put his pic den:p
Kkz.. anw just for those who wana slim down.. ask marko for his secret! Haha he slimmed down so much lor!!! Eh best friend dun slim down too much ok.. later cant b best friend anymore.....

Today's been a great day! haha thanks to Cheryl for her 'blessing'=)
Morning went lecs.. after tt ying, kh and me got 4 hrs break!!! So we went 201 eat... they accompanied me see doc... went CS toilet and took photos!.. went NTUC to shop=)
Yeah den after tt kh and i were so tired we fell alseep in bphar lec:p
Oh yah ying and i bought a pair of earring each! we intend to wear for halloween this wed=)

Rushed home coz my grandma went out with her friends today... so suppose to look after my baby cousin while my mum cook dinner... but in e end we decided to go out for dinner... ate pepper lunch! haha eh i think quite normal leh zhao... onli e honey sauce is special... subway is better!

Kkz cant wait for tml! coz tml lesson onli 8.45am-9.15am=)

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