Sunday, October 28, 2007



Happy belated Birthday MALCOLM!!!
Sorry dude i cant belive i forgot ur bdae! haha its really really nice to see you today=) Cant wait for your As to be over so you can join in all the fun with us again! haha.. Gambattee!!!

Yeah today church we celebrated Malcolm's bdae! Joyce made banana brownie... its so yummy!!! Thanks!=)

After tt met up with Peima and went bugis! Actuali wanted to buy Justin's bag but it like so BIG! Justin not very big size aso ah... y does it look ok on him? haha anw bought another bag and i love it=)
After tt went parkway and Peima bought a bag too! Its cool and nice~~~~~

Yesterday worked frm 5pm-1am.. Had a really nice day chatting with May=)
After work while waiting for e shuttle bus to send us home.. i looked around e airport.. e night scenery its so beautiful!!! Its been so long since i stop and take a look at my surrounding...
haha yeah and on the way back May and Uncle was chatting so happily! I cant stop smiling to myself coz i find it so cute and amazing.. they jus quarrelled a few days back...

Anw.. Thank God that he always answer my problems... through family.. through friends.. through his words=)
Yup.. to everything theres a boundary.. and i think i hav not been making my boundary clear enough tts y i get so easily affected:p I have cried 3 times over this problem.. but i will not cry again.. i will be strong and not disappoint those that have such great faith in me=) I LOVE YOU GUYS! =)

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