Tuesday, October 17, 2006

So blessed:)

Had a busy weekend... Jus wana thank God for everything... especially the ppl around me... Always waking me up when im not sober... Really feel very blessed now:)

Haha.. kkz.. I shdnt bored you with my detailed weekends... so i jus summarize kkz...

Sat my sis brought me to work in suntec as a steward... Thank God tt the ppl tt I meet are always friendly and nice... Had a really great time working with them:) Mus thank my sis for bringing me there! And my mum for messaging me coz my hands really ache.. I love you mum:)

Sun went to church... worship time always refreshen me:) After tt we discussed some details of church camp.. Haha.. everybody asking about church camp.. things are processing well:) Miss Lizhen very much.. haha.. come back soon kkz!
After tt went to Jo's hse to stay... had a wonderful fellowship time there.. Realise tt prayer is really really important.. And its so cool tt the whole family always pray as one....

So today... Jus came back from work... working as stock-taker for 3 days(today-wed) in Popular with Kahang, Sharon & Zhao.. Thank God once again tt every job tt i work is always easy and fun:) Went Pizza Hut after tt... Haha.. zhao had a really funny way of eating pizza! Enjoyed myself today...

Really looking forward to tml.. meeting Joan they all for dinner at Vivocity!
And thurs meeting M.A.C? 2Y for lunch:)

Kkz.. gtg.. Thank Lord for everything... update soon again!

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