Saturday, October 14, 2006


I tink tis holiday is mad... it makes everybody lost track of time!! Haha.. kkz.. either we are too busy or too bored... During IMF I lost track of time coz too busy... nowadays is becoz watch too much youtube and DVD liao:)

Kkz.. wat happen on Tues? Erm.. moring went for Immersion programme.. afternoon went to TKSCC then after tt went for cheerleading!

Immersion prg make me realize a lot of things... I mean I use to tink China students are a little anti-Singaporeans coz they dun like to mix with us... but then Wang Xuan explained to me that in China.. ppl will think that you are mad if you smile, wave or talk to strangers... tt y China students tend to stay very close in their cliques and doesnt mix with the WHOLE sch.. Haha.. kkz.. sorry for the wrong impression.. Thanks Howe Luen for bringing me to the prg.. made so many friends and learnt so many things:)
Went TKSCC after lunch and brought my sis there... Haha.. all the kids there are so excited to see another 'new jiejie'... but they dun believe me when I tell them Ting is my twin sis... and start bombarding me with questions... Haha.. I wonder y kids can be so cute and innocent but naughty and irritating at the same time...
Cheerleading is great as usual... Haha.. since Ms Akane came we really learn a lot of things! Really looking forward to performance on 4th Nov:)

Wed went to help pack CSC room... Haha.. 'enjoyed' myself.. the CSC ppl are so nice and funny...

Thurs slept most of the day and went cheer at night... Cheerleading was great! Tried 2-2-1 with frances and karmini... I tink with a few more practise we shd b able to do it confidently:) Haha.. Kartini mus b so proud of us! Went to mac for dinner after tt... I tink Ivan mus hav goosebumps for the whole night!

Kkz.. from tml onwards I tink i will b quite busy... will b working on sat, mon, tues and wed.... thurs will be going to TKSCC for the whole day... so tink can onli blog on fri... Fri having TP dance concert!!

Haha.. kkz.. gtg... take care everyone!

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