Monday, October 09, 2006

immersion prg=)

So sorry nowadays busy watching Goong so didnt blog.. Haha.. finally finish watching Goong!! Yul Goon so shuai and he got a very nice voice:)

Kkz.. Today went to TPIS immersioin programme... My group is great!! Haha..coz we got Howe Luen and Titha as grp leaders!! Actuali I went coz im bored at home but I really enjoyed myself today... everybody is so friendly and nice:) Now I hav many mynamar, china, india and philipines friends:)
Considering to join GCC now after Jesher awing speech.. haha.. mayb I get Chai Ling to join too!

Sunday church went to play frishbee at Outram Sec... I love funweek... either playing in the game or watching ppl play is fun:) Haha.. but UD say he will be cutting down next yr:( the turnout is ok mah.. and Jezreel is doing a good job! I tink we shd continue!

Yes.. after vexing for so many days.. I finally made up my decision to go for IMF dinner instead of cheerleading... I jus cant find more reasons that y I shdn't go for the dinner...
1) Friends.. surely hav lots of memories:)
2) At VivoVity!
3) PM will b going too!
4) Many other small details...
1)Performance coming up soon...
2)Cheerteam and Ms Akane

I'll promise to 'make up' for cheer training ok?

Haha.. saw Melissa and gang make me sure tt I didnt choose the wrong choice... Sooo looking forward to 17th Oct!!

kkz.. gtg.. update again soon:)

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