Thursday, October 05, 2006


Im rotting at home nowadays lah... Mum dun allow me to work.. then I stay at home and watch youtube she complain I waste electricity.. So here I am now in TP library using com and you know what.. youtube is down:( Its onli 2.30pm now at cheerleading is at 6pm... sian diao!

Goong is so niccccceeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Im addicted now! Haha...

Kkz.. tell u guys a good news.. Cheerleading is having a performance on 4th Nov at Paya Lebar Covent Community Centre and you know what? All juniors are performing!! Haha.. first time performing.. so excited!!
And heres the photo we took at SI results...
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Sigh.. actuali i alreadi decided by flipping coin tt im going to the IMF dinner on the 17th... now I realli duno to go for cheer or dinner... 51% of me wana go for the dinner but cheerleading 'needs me more' and I dun wan to miss learning any new stunts too...

Kkz.. going to eat.. see ya soon:)

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