Saturday, September 30, 2006

IMF Bbq:)

Had the best bbq yesterday:) Haha.. with my IMF friends at east coast park... its so relaxing.. the wind is nice and everybody is so funny and friendly.. like we knew each other for years:) East coast park is so much more better than pasir ris park!! Theres live bands at most of the cafes along the beach.. so romantic:) Haha.. thanks Hongjia for organizing!!
Here are some pics...
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This the gang of friends tt im always with:)

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Me, Mel and Joan with the mindf ppl...

Really happy to know all those IMF ppl... ALL of them are so nice... Joan, Howe Luen, Yanling, Maria, Sheena, Swee Kee, Peiling, Jasper, Jonathan, Gino and of coz the E2MATRIX gang... shd hav gone to Eng instead of Asc.. Eng ppl are so fun:) I alreadi miss them now:)
Hey.. Sharon, Azei, Justina, Kahang, Ying and Zhao.. Im refering to the guys.. not u all.. haha.. Eng guys are so much more nicer than Asc guys:)

Sigh... 17 Oct all the bushost are invited for a thank-you dinner with the prime minister.. but I jus realise its a tuesday and I hav cheerleading... I really wan to go to tt event... Hey.. seldom hav the chance to eat with the prime minister leh.. somemore can meet Joan they all... but alreadi promised our coach to be committed to the team.. very vexed now:( I dun wan to miss both event...

Cheerleading on thurs was as fun as normal... tried table-top as secondary flyers and succeeded!! Haha.. tt y I dun wan miss any trainings... surely will miss out a lot...
Accidently hurt Ms Akane while flying.. my elbow went into her face and my elbow felt so numb after hitting her.. so i cant imagine how painful she will b... hope shes ok:)

Jus came back from Healthwise with sharon... really hope my mum will let me work..

Kkz.. tired.. going to sleep.. update soon again:)

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