Thursday, October 19, 2006

thanks guys!

YEAH! Today is the last day of work in Popular!! Haha.. not tt the job is not good lah.. stocking-taking is easy.. but the early reporting time is mad... Anw.. the ppl there are really nice.. was offered a part-time job at marine parade Popular as cashier... need to work sat and sun from 10/12am-9pm... $4.50/hr... but I need to go church on Sun so didnt take up the offer... those interested jus go to marine parade Popular ok?

Yesterday went to S2006 Appreciation Dinner at Vivocity.. the event is a bit disappointintg coz PM gave a speech then its free and easy... I tot there will b lots of activites.. and the queue for the buffet is damn long lah.. so ended up eating in Food Republic.. theres a moment I so hope tt im in cheerleading training... Haha.. but tt doesnt matter.. coz its the friends there tt make skipping cheerleading worth it:p
So we spent quite a while in FR eating.. they guys really can eat a lot man.. like 7-month ghost!! Haha.. after tt we went around taking photos.. 'shopped' around.. played at the play-ground and really had a lot of funs playing 'games' :)

Jus wana thank my friends again... for making everything so memorable:)
Sincere thanks to Joan, Howe Luen, Melissa, Sharon and YanLeng.. coz u gals really rocks man!!
Aso to Ying Jian, Lex, Max, Ben, Yu Kai, Joshua(i tink spell wrongly rite?), Nan Leng, Allan and another guy tt I dun know his name:p You guys make me realize tt Engine guys are really the nicest guys around in TP:)
Aso thanks to Jesher, Peiling, Swee Kee, Isabelle, Joscylen, Xiaopei, Josias, Justin, Daniel and so many more...

Really really really happy in knowing u guys.. mus keep in contact ok?

Haha.. kkz.. hey.. my uncle got a blog tt recommend really cool books.. visit it @ ok?

Kkz.. gtg... need a rest.. tml need to wake up early to go TKSCC.. YEAH! Xiner going too:)

***Cant wait to meet michelle.. nana.. cheryl.. ys and best friend tml:)**

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