Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Yesterday was tiring man... Haha.. I think im getting old... 3 weeks ago i can go to sch.. childcare.. then cheerleading and still feel energetic... Now? I go to childcare and cheerleading felt like I ran a marathon... I felt so old...................

So went to lunch w mel and tini yesterday.. went design to eat my fav chilli chicken:) My timetable is totally opp from them man... last 2 weeks im at the busy moment of my life then mel and tini went bangkok for holi.. Now im so free and they are so so busy.. u shd see mel's diary.. haha.. tink she needs a bigger one!! Tini know I get bored easily so she lend me Full House and A Love To Kill.. both starring Rain!! Thanks babe.... *muacks*

Went childcare after tt... tot I will b alone but Rono, Meow and Ice kachang went too.. Not fair sia... the children there prefer korkor then jiejie... Haha.. nvm.. Miaohua and Yian nearly got squash to death.. all the kids stacking on them!! I felt a closer bond with the kids now... Darren sooo cute!! Cant wait for thurs and fri to see them again!

Cheerleading! Our jap couch officially started with us yesterday:) Her conditioning was very different from Simon's.. did stretching, junps, handstand.. instead of krunches, dolpins.. Haha.. more relaxing but somehow i tot its a bit too relaxing.. Oh.. Simon is sick.. Take care man!! Wat happen to layhar n frances... miss ya..
Blazers performing on this coming sat(9/9) & sun (10/9) at bugis junction near the fountain.. 4pm.. please support:)

Haha.. kkz.. going to bath.. then meeting shell to buy audrey's present.. see ya!

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