Thursday, September 21, 2006

Last day of imf!

Today is last day of IMF... starting work at 3.30pm... me and Joan are hoping to get the last shift so we can enjoy every last moments of it!

Haha.. really Thank God for able to participate in this event.. made so many friends.. learnt so many things... The best part is of coz making new friends.. Joan.. Howe Luen.. Melissa.. Sharon.. Alex.. Max.. Justin.. Ben.. Lu Kai, Ying Jian and so many more... Thank God they are in TP so I can always meet them up again:)

Yesterday got back bus-driver Uncle Leong and policeman Hussian! Haha.. I love travelling with them:) Our bus got 2 bushosts.. Justin and me.. Justin is such a cool guy.. and clever too.. gpa 4!! I can never figure out how to play his cube game...
There is only a few delegates yesterday... I think most of them figured out that walking to suntec or esplanade is faster than taking our shuttle bus! Haha.. I was chatting with one of the delegates then she praised singapore, our service and gave me a 'well-done' pat on my shoulder... Oh man.. that feels so great and my unpleasant encouter on monday is buried with the pat:) Thank you so much!!

Actuali I feel a kind of relief too that IMF is ending soon.. to go back to my normal life.. I lost track of time during this event.. I tot yesterday was friday (-_-!!)
I miss cheerleading.. I miss all the tv programmes.. I miss eating dinner at home..

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