Thursday, September 21, 2006

goodbye IMF!

S2006~IMF is history now... Haha.. jus wana thanks all the ppl for giving me such a wonderful and memorable experience... What a great start for my holiday:)

The last delegate that I serve today jus ended my whole event with a beautiful full-stop... Shes from London and is such a wonderful lady... She rmbed me!! Haha.. I think all western ppl are very friendly, encouraging and well-mannered... I talked to her about my course and she asked me to study hard so that she will b able to see me on a magazine someday... Haha.. I hope so:) And my friend Howe Luen acutali recieved a kiss from a ang moh... so cool...

I will miss S2006... hopefully it will b back to Spore and I will surely fight my way to participate in the event again!!

Thanks again for all those ppl that made my S2006 so memorable... TP friends.. MINDF ppl... BUSDRIVERS!!!.. policeman... and of coz the hotels staff:)

Didnt manage to say goodbye to my favourite bus-driver uncle leong.. hopes everything ok for him... I will miss him the most!!

Haha.. tml goin job-interview with Sharon.. hopefully can get xiner's friend Ivan job's coz it sounds quite ideal... hopefully my rest of holi will b as fullfilling as this 2 weeks:)

Kkz.. I felt really happy today... going to rest now... take care everyone!

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