Thursday, September 14, 2006


Got ur results? Haha.. got mine.. GPA got 2.65... I expected better.. but at least no need take sub paper:)

Yesterday went S2006... I always kana the last shift which ends at 11pm... but its quite fun working the last shift.. yesterday theres a girl bickering with the official coz the official say byebye to us thru the talky.. so their whole argument could b heard thru the talky! Haha.. the only bad thing is everybody left and had to go home myself..
My yesterday bus uncle was so nice!! He turned one whole round to send me to the mrt station before going back to the terminal... Thanks uncle leong!! The policeman, Huissan, was very nice too.. We talked a lot:)

Listening to Jay's songs now...
Was talking to Tini that I prefer his last album.. but Tini said this album and last album is veri different so she duno which one she like better... Haha.. tt true.. Jay album is always worth buying!

Kkz... gtg now.. see ya soon!!

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