Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Yesterday was out for the whole day... 8am-12pm... Hey im not playing ok.. im working... haha..
Morning went to clementi for training as stock taker for Popular... with kahang, sharon and zhao.. The session was common-sense lah... travel all the way from tampines to clementi to hear common-sense!! At least we are paid for going the training too... Was talking to Zhao about Johnathan Leong staying in clementi then saw superband lead singer... forgot his name... haha.. hes quite cute but short...
We met a 'mad' guy in mrt.. shdnt talk about tt coz hes quite scary...

Went for S2006 after tt... Theres not many delegates coz most of them will b arriving tml... fetched only 4 of them out of the 8 hrs!! Haha.. so spent most of the time watching mobile tv and talking to the bus driver and policemen... the ppl there are really FRIENDLY!!
Got to know a few friends too... jinghui, daniel and radila from TP.. kartini ffrom RP... the NYP teacher veri friendly too..

So next few days will b busy... will b in either in IMF or childcare...

Will b going childcare later:) I miss the kids.. haha.. kkz.. see ya!

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