Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy Bdae Mummy!

Today is mummy bdae.. ate a lot of yummy food today:) Haha.. went Crystal Jade for lunch and zhi chai for dinner!! Mums turned 44 today.. many ppl say she look more like our sister than our mother.. I agree.. she looks 35:) Wish ya young, pretty and a good health mummy!!

Today our church invited the Nike manager of Singapore(or Asia?) to give us a talk... expected someone old but tt guy is young and fit!! The talk is short and sweet with interesting videos... He related Christian faith with the Nike brand... actuali theres so much things in common!! Haha.. learned a lot:)

Im so nervous and excited about S2006... im not a veri good speaker and my eng sux... Haha.. thanks Joan for the encouragement.. theres nothing to be afraid coz there will b the bus driver and the army guy!!

Yesterday played BINGO wtih stanley thru msn.. its quite fun actuali... haha.. but his not online not cant play w him... who want play with me?

Kkz.. think i better go get ready fot the big day tml! See ya!

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