Friday, September 15, 2006


Jus came back from childcare centre.. I think im the only one love doing morning shift.. coz of the pri1 and 2 kids... they are jus so cute and adorable.. and I realise im 'falling in love' with Darren and Aaron.. Haha... they are the major reason why I went today despite being tired... after they went to sch I also left..
The kids there are finally calling me huimin jiejie and not cher anymore:) Glad they realise im not their teacher but their friend.. Haha.. Its jus feel so great tt mos of the kids know ur name... Now is my turn to work hard to know all their names!!

Oh man.. Thomas can SPLIT!!!!!

I felt tt I tortured my feet.. wearing heels for at least 9 hrs per day this few days becoz of IMF... today played ice and water barefooted with the childcare kids and now both of my feet hav a lot of scars..

Today off from IMF! Haha.. actuali I love being a bushost.. its relaxing and fun... so I dun mind working everyday.. My yesterday policeman was Timonthy and bus driver was Uncle Lim.. Talked a lot with Timonthy.. he taught me a lot of things when talking about his job.. thank God tt I always hav very fun policeman and bus-driver! But I was still hoping to get Uncle Leong back for bus-driver... Hes the BEST!!

Haha.. tink will hav a good rest today then will be working for the consecutive 5 days for IMF... kkz.. going to sleep.. take care guys!

PS: sorry always too lazy to tink of the title...

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