Sunday, August 13, 2006

3 Warnings

Jus came back from church and my feelings for today and yesterday was completely different:)

Yesterday had a sharp pain at the back of my brain for the whole day... headache i guess... so slept the whole afternoon and didnt manage to do much things... So i feeling quite irritated with myself coz i wasted the whole sat.... then my sis bought me a GREEN heart shape balloon.. so sweet... I felt much more better.. thanks ting!

Today had a great day in church... Ming Yue's sermon today let me realized that actuali im quite a ignorant person... Theres a wall picture in my audi... its about a big cross on a huge piece of grassland... He illustrated the meaning of the pic today and I was so shocked tt despite seeing the pic EVERY sunday for the past 6 yrs.. I didnt realize that it had such a powerful meaning in it... I felt so ashamed of myself... Im so ignorant about my surroundings and the people around me...
My sis said a lot about the good side of me in her blog... But i realized that whenever we go out together and my friend say hi to me.. its my sis who tell me that my friend is saying hi... when we meet someone on the street... its also usuali her who notice it first...
My sis is someone who is aware of her surrounding and know who is sad or happy...
Im so gald to hav you ting:)
Haha... I hav a great mother, brother and grandma aso... told u i hav a wonderful family!

Kkz... Today Mat went through Hebrews for our teaching session.... learnt 3 warnings...
1)The Son Superior to Angels, Warning to Pay Attention
(coz angels are messengers)
2)Jesus Greater than Moses, Warning against Unbelief
(about the faith.. coz the ppl had faith in Moses to bring them out of Egpyt)
3)Jesus the Great High Priest, Warning against Falling Away

I think bible is most wondrous book on earth... well-written, interesting and so many lessons to learn... I sometimes jus wish that my world will stop for a day to let me read through the whole bible... Siow Hwee also gave us a book titled THE ILLUSTRATED SURVEY OF THE BIBLE and I love the book.. Thanks!

Kkz... tink im going for a nap... Sorry everybody coz im a ignorant girl... jus slap me awake if im ignoring you next time ok:) Love you all... bye!

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