Sunday, July 16, 2006

The word of Lord stands forever!!

Today been a great day... Haha.. actuali every sunday is a great day to me!! Going to church always make me feel happy and comforted that im back to God's house again:) I left church feeling expectionally happy today.. mayb becoz we toked about Peter 1 & 2 during teaching.. about God's encouragement and He will come...
Sometimes I really feel very tired being a Christian...
asking friends to join some church activities but being rejected..
telling friends im a Christian but receive a 'funny' look coz I know I dun behave like a Christian...
a lot of stuff tt i cant do like bet on soccer.. point 3rd finger.. scolding F***
BUT I'm glad tt im a Christian... I hav much more stuff tt others dun hav.. God's love.. God's encouragment... i think Michelle(M.a.c.h) will understand what im toking about:)

"For All men are like grass,and all their slory is like the flowers of the field;the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord stands forever" Peter 1:24-25

Yup.. poly life had been quite busy so far... and im a bit tired.. this verse let me know tt God will always be there for me and it motivated me a lot... Praise God!!

Haha.. Back to today... discussed about church camp tee today and had quite a few funky ideas... starting publicity next week too!! Keep a lookout ok:)

Went to Parco after church for lunch and bought a few stuff at A'N'BC shop.. really like the art n craft papers there.. After tt rushed to see my CO juniors perform at the festival park... they all first time performing so i tink their performance considered not bad.. Keep up guys!!

I was like 'scolding' the emcee when he was introducing my sch percussion coz he sounded so lifeless... i turned around and realize the emcee is Alvin(neo)!! Haha... so went over to 'scold' alvin then he explained hes really tired... Alvin very poor thing lah... sunday still need to work... ok.. u r forgiven alvin.. but next time u hear Pasir Ris Secondary School must be more enthu ok!! Especially if its CO percussion!!

Kkz.. today really been great... tink becoz Lizhen n Serene came to church today aso... a bit tired now.. tink im going to hav dinner n a nap.. see ya!!

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