Tuesday, July 18, 2006


In sch library now with xiner.. got nothing to do... Haha... actuali suppose to go to a childcare centre to help the children in their sch work for NYAA... but the person told us to come back after 3pm! Its only 1pm now!!! 2 more hours to slack... WHOA.. I actuali can go shopping with Azeimah, Kahang, Sharon and Ying de lor!!! Sian... didnt bring anything to study aso:(

YEAH!! Justina back to sch:) So glad shes better now... mus continue to pray for her right eye and tt she can catch up after missing 3 weeks of sch... Take care Justina!!

Yesterday cheerleading was good:) Learnt more dances and did Spring Up on joseph!! Haha... Joseph dyed hes hair purple!! Cool sia.. not fair tt onli design ppl can dye funky colours.. I wan dye bright GREEN!!!

Heyhey.. theres some great pics i wana show...

guess who is this...

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ITS JONNY DEPP!! Hes so shuai lor!!! Hes in my A-list guys now:)

Haha.. actuali i cant tink of anything to blog anymore... tink i will spend my next 2 hrs reading ppl blogs instead:) Haha.. update soon again...

* Check out Mr Wong very cool video on PRSSCO!!

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