Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Should I?

Its was raining so beautifully tis morning.. my pillow and mattress are so cooling and I cuddled into my blanket so comfortably.. everything is so perfect to sleep BUT my noisy cousin is in my house!! Why cant he talked softer.. sigh.. i was having a good dream! I also dun understand how my sis can sleep through all those noises...
Time passed so quickly yesterday.. like yesterday consist of only 12hrs.. Went for a leadership workshop in the morning and cheerleading in the evening. Mayb I was enjoying myself tt y.. Haha.. the leadership workshop is good!! Mayb becoz its organized by SAA so I felt very homely in the alumni lounge:) n aso becoz Kyle, Lawernz and Terence treated us like friends instead of students.. tt y we had fun!
The workshop is actually organized for students with the intention of joining the main comm for any of the 9 clubs in my sch. I went without intention to join any main comm.. but left with the urge to join the main comm for Communtiy Service Club. *shit* Now I got myself into 'trouble' again..
I know that if I join.. my poly life will be so much more memorable.. I wana be like Sharon, Alvin, Kaay, Adeline they all... hav so much wonderful memories during their poly life.. Ying, Hwee Shan n Serene are joining too and it will surely be fun!! I can aso work more closely with the SAA:) But on the other hand.. Like DD said.. studies is our priorty and I know I cant afford to retain.. I already hav cheerleading and intenting to join NYAA.. theres aso church camp going on tis year.. can I be commited to all? My studies are not very strong aso.. Im a bit scared aso coz I never been in a main comm b4.. I know that tis requires great leadership qualities.. Im not sure if I hav.. I always enjoyed being a 'silent' worker.. But I agree with ChingWei that if you never try.. you never knows.
Thank God that theres always so many great friends around me:) Thanks ChingWei, Jiaseng, Tini, Melissa, Adeline, Soonpoh.. for always giving me good advices.. thanks Alvins, Safahri, Sharon, Kaay, Kay, Trevor and many many more who keep inspiring me:) Thank God I hav a supportive family too:)
Haha.. so I hav 1 week to consider... mayb i shd discuss it more with my mum... yesterday cheerleadin went to gym n finally know y tp gym is named the Sweat Shop.. coz its so strongly filled with the sweat smell!!
KKz.. gotta go for lunch.. feel free to comment:)

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