Saturday, July 01, 2006


Finally got a day to myself today:) I feel like sleeping the whole day today.. feeling lazy.. but have to wake up to go to the dentist.
Ok.. I must really control what Im eating now.. paid $90 extra today coz 3 of my bands dropped off... got nagged for half and hour by by mother and grandma...
*No chocolate(how can i survive!!)
*No peanuts
*No burgers
*No hard stuff(twisties consider hard! I cant imagine how am i going to survive without so much food)
*No sticky stuff(no energy bars so plz dun tempt me with those anymore!)
*Cant bite off bones like chicken wings(Lucky i jus had my bbq over!)
Hope the points above are the only ones...

YEAH! GERMANY WON!! Haha... thanks azeimah for the updates:) i asked the dentist to put germany colours on my braces:)

Haha.. actually my brain is still in semi-conscience state now so I cant recall what i wana blog for the past few days... suppose to teach Peter 1 for camp teaching tml but haven prepare it yet.. tink i going for a nap and better start with all my homeworks coz tml will be out for the whole day again. See ya guys soon ok:)

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