Saturday, July 01, 2006


Today is a very happy day:) Got back my results for term test and I'm quite surprised with some of my results... thought i will fail OC and HAP but didnt... failed Biochem but at least i improved:)
Kkz.. the main happiness for today is becoz of 4e7 bbq.. although its a simple one but its so great to see everyone again:) Some of them changed.. like yankeng is prettier now.. melissa slimmer.. audrey so much more talkative.. azfar.. ameerul.. weikuan looked different aso... THanks Swee Siong, Benny and Ernest once again for organizing... thanks to those who came:)
Haha.. this week had been quite a good week for me... thank God didnt join CSC coz cheerleading is 3 times a week now(another additional day is we add our own to go to the gym). Cheerleading training is as great as ever but fell down and hurt my knee so they dun let me train:( The photo below is most of my cheermates...
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Actuali i hav a lot of things to share but my eyes can hardly open now.. a bit tired.. I sumarize ok... today azeimah, kahang, sharon, ying. zhaorong and me went back to CS toilet to hav fun again... we spent 1 hr in the toilet talking, doing homework and taking photos:) In the lectures we were also having fun taking artistic photos... In sch today ppl were camapigning for elections and is a bit 'scary' coz faces were all around the walls..
Plz vote for the following few of them:)
Alvin Neo(TPSU) : Alvin is my camp leader and TPSU vp.. he didnt ask me to vote for him but i will vote for him coz hes a really really really nice guy & I promised to vote for him long ago:)
Terence Ong(TPSU) : Terence is great also! I mean in person coz i dun know their working style... He asked me to vote for him today but i keep finding excuses to 'reject' him coz i promised alvin liao.. he replied back quite well so i tink he got very high potential to fight for TPSU with raymond.
Soon Poh(TPSU) : Hes my GL and is really lame.. he didnt ask to vote for him but i tink he surely deserve a place in the main comm.
Hui Jing(ASc) : She suddenly came forward to me today and ask me to vote for her. She is from pacesetters and rmbed my name!! So i tink she will make a great leader coz she is detailed. * im not sure if i spell her name correctly.. hee..
Lucky Adventure club and CSC no need to vote.. or esle i will hav list many ppl.. haha.. really tired now.. update u all again tml ok:)

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