Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Class bbq...

Hey.. jus got back home.. its 10pm now... I planned to be home at 4pm today!!! Got quite a few stuff to do but swee siong asked me to buy bbq stuff with him... i agreed since hes being so nice and hes birthday is coming soon:)
Ok.. Benedict, Ernest and Benny came along and they are as lame as ever... Belle is as cheerful and funny aso:)
Haha.. i tink everything is goin quite smoothly for the bbq except tt we got a shortage of cash.. really hope everybody can come. So its tis fri 30th June @ Pasir Ris Park.. Area 3 Pit 14... $7 each... come around 6pm ok:)
Sch a bit slack this week coz many tutorials cancelled... elections coming up aso and yup.. i didnt join CSC main comm coz i got too many things on my hand... Kahang/Ying from BMS... Serence from HTM.. Hui Shan from eng.. all year one... PLZ SUPPORT THEM so i can join CSC sub comm more easily:) HAha...
Chatting with azeimah now then she damn lame lah.. she say we can from a F rokband with her, zhaorong, charles and clarence and me as members.. coz we are the mos likely candidates to be the 4 tt fail OC.. she is the percussion... im the drummer.. zhoarong lead singer.. charles keyboard player then clarence guitarist.. haha.. anyone wana join? The onli criteria is tt u mus fail mos of ur exams:)
Kkz.. better start my work now.. or else no need to sleep for the next few days liao.. Haha.. see ya!

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