Saturday, July 16, 2005


This week was very different from last week when i sounds a bit stress..haha!! week is refering from fri to next fri as i usually go online on friday!
Kkz...on sat after watching superstar and dancing, i felt so relax and happy! really glad tt i learn dancing as it is such a good way to exercise as well as relax...esp now tt guo liang mixes modern dance with chinese dance..the feeling is so cool!!! Sunday was a better day because of fun week and.......Jedi was the winner!!!!! Haha..i tink most of us had a really great time under the sun. Sch was also great becoz i felt my class is a really cool and great fightings and everybody mixes well...luv my class!! Hope kelvin recover soon from his wrist fracture!
Yesterday Switzerland band performed at the Festival Park and the percussionists were to great to be describled in words...they weren't even professionist!! JEALOUS!!
Today had chinese listening & i had3 veri different answers frm friends...but i believed i'm correct!! Zhong Yi is a very nice guy...i ask him not to look at the pic of my IC...he didn't. But he is still so crazy over Idy..and rather treat chykee(?) than me to lunch! See...what a friend!'s 9.00pm..must go and watch Xiao An's new tv series!! looking very forward on monday to have class photo taken!! See ya guys!

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