Friday, June 03, 2005

Study camp

Finally the study camp ended!!! Haha.. the camp was not bad but imagine all my other sch friends going to sch for only a few hrs but our sch is like normal sch days!!! The sch camp was actually quite benefiting and I really enjoy combining class..archery..all the fun and joy!! Don't mind having another week of study camp...but it's good to let us have some time for ourselves practice self-control.
So excited about the rest of the holidays...going to batam..having quite a few church activities and most importantly is that CAN SLEEP UNTIL 12PM!!!! Haha...really tired after the midyr exam and study camp... really wanna replenish myself for the cuming O 'Level!!! was another happy day... besides having funny Mrs Chua lesson and cute Mdm Mariam 's lesson.... the afternoon was such great fun with Mel..Audrey and Nana. We played basketball...socccer and they suntanned under the 2pm sun(i was afraid of skin cancer). Watching the boys playing soccer was quite fun too...why do boys can play soccer so well? Never been so happy for such a long time since sch reopened..all the SYF..common test.. banding and midyr exam.. STRESS. Hope there will be more of these afternnon!!! Kkz..wana watch tv liao... so excited about Sunday...byebye!!

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