Wednesday, June 01, 2005


:) Today is a happy day!!! Haha...besides finishing chinese O' Level on Monday, Mrs Chua treated us pizza for lunch today. She such a generous teacher(ordered 6 large pizza!!) and even came for our archery lesson! Of course the most happy thing for today is able to learn archery!! I'm SOOOOO in LOVE with's such a great and exciting activity! Maybe i should take it as a CCA in JC or poly!!
Time passed so quickly when it come to all the fun and nice things. The archery lesson lasted for 4hrs and seemed like 1hr...unlike the motivation talk(lasted 1 hr but seemed like 4hrs). Maybe it's becoz of the instructors... they should have sent a handsome young guy to motivate us. Although the archery instructors are not very handsome...but they are cute and funny!! Mr Peter Ong is the best...he looked like Mr Ng!! Haha...everything make sense to me during the archery lesson. Half the lesson is teaching about how to focus and do well by adjusting yourself you must really have the interest to do something! I LOVE ARCHERY...too bad the instructor told us it's an expensive hobby..sigh!Kkz...very tired now...didn't have nap today... write back soon!

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