Tuesday, May 17, 2005

House of Wax

Exam zhong yu finished!! Haha..so yesterday went to watch House of the Wax with friends(nana..yankeng..shiqi..tim and kel) and suprisingly, the movie is not a damn bit scary/violence/RA at all!! Why should it rate NC 16 then? Finally understand why they keep insisting to watch that show...coz it features Chad Micheal Murray.Ok...he's quite cool and cute...but then Daniel Wu is still the best!!!Should have watch Divergence!
The movie was not as good as I expected...but then I will still rate 6.5/10. The killing methods(esp the snipping of Wade's leg..and Paris Hiton's death) were quite fresh and the actors/actress were good! But then some scenes were expected like cutting of Caryl's finger and the dirty animal-dumper driver as one of the member of the wax family. How could a person survive a shot in(or near) the heart and continue fighting?
Catch the movie if you want..the overall was acceptable. The movie is quite a short show.. you haven't got enough glance of Chad but the Wax museum was already burnt down! Remember to have some food before catching the movie...you won't have the appetite to eat after that; bring a plastic bag though!!

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