Friday, February 29, 2008



Yesterday went job interview with my sis at tcc! Hopefully will get e job! :)

Haha suppose to meet best friend for COFFEECLUB interview too! But tcc interview took an hr so in e end we missed e timing for coffeeclub de:P

Yeah so went RafflesCity and slacked awhile den went church for lent period service=)

Ting crazy over toastbox toast!

Haha we saw super fake veg in e supermarket! :P

After service went Lau Pa Sat for supper.. took some photos on e way=)

Haha anw here r some CNY photos tt i din upload last time! =)

YAY meeting my babes later! Sha, jus and zhao having their retail paper now:P Cant wait to meet them den plan our holidays tgt=)


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