Wednesday, February 27, 2008



Haha actually i finished my exams on mon la... Jus a bit lazy to blog e past 2 days:p

Mon after exams went to do my favourite hobby....
Wah i think my mouth really big.. after i ate finish and my food almost digested le.. Justina still eating lor! Haha see how she squeeze her sandwich until so flat!

After tt actually wanted to go home and sleep like a pig but end up chionging My Girl instead:p

Tue spent most of my day at home playing with my baby cousin and sorting out some cheer stuff... went to church at night=)

Actually wanted to like blog about my year 2... but think i will write a seperate post instead:)

Anw think my this holiday will be very happening again!
Next week will be e camp week! Haha got AR5 from mon-thurs... then goin youth church camp on fri and sat=)
The following week got CHEEROBICS.. one of the most impt event of my life=)
After tt will be preparing for my trip to Changmai... will be goin there frm 1st-9th april to do overseas community proj=)

Haha yeah tts about it... rock on man!

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