Thursday, January 31, 2008



I know its too early but....


haha Jus bdae is on sat but coz my babes' timetable clashes so we celebrated yesterday:)

Bdae girl!

Haha she like movie star! everybody takin photo of her:)

Haha we ate e cake off like tt:p

Haha last one standing eating e cake... our bdae girl!

haha a candid shot of kh!

Anw i got like tonnes of things to blog about... one decicated to Hong, one to llyold... haha but i do some other time ok :P

As for training... im getting kind of worried coz like not enough time... haha but i know my worrying is redundant coz coach has everything planned out:)
hey blazers... KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB! I know everyones tired and dying... but during trg everyone still giving in their best and encouraging each other! Like justin still laming ard and telling disgusting stuff... and xb will 'praise' me when i do e cheer perfectly... yammie always so cheerful:)
Thank God for my team:)

kkz... gtg chiong again... gamabatte everyone!

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