Saturday, January 26, 2008



Its weekend again=)

Rawr! School is getting more intense everyday! Haha yeah so for my sat i will really love to spend it at home=)

Haha like others, theres so many datelines to meet and so many tests coming up... and science sch is like so retarted.. our main exams are like so much more earlier than the rest! Our exams end before the rest of school starts....

But one thing to thankful for is that we got really good teachers! Teachers that really motivate us to study hard for them:)

Hee below is my favourite teacher.. Dr Jason Chang!

Dion Koo and Paul Chong quite cute aso:)

Haha anw jiayou everyone! 5 more weeks to freedom=)

And to Blazers:
Hey jiayou jiayou everyone! now everyday got training... mus plan your time well ok.. dun neglect your studies and health! Gambattee!

Anw suppose to go for a church outing today but decided not to coz mon got BPHARM test...
Haha each family mus bring a food so my sis made some chicken wrap...

The process...

In e end need the help of my grandma and mum!

The failed ones :p

The product!

Haha.. anw yesterday night went out with Ms erxin, Peima and Daige.... its been so long since i went dinner with them le! haha... had a nice time chilling out! long time den feel so relax le=)))

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