Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Spirit on the Course
On 4 Dec, TP Blazers warmth the spirits of many runners during the Singapore Marathon 2007!

Their heart-warming smiles, encouraging cheers and vibrant energy have stirred more than 41,000 runners to complete the never-ending race. From 5.30am in the morning till 10am, they stood by the side of Fullerton Hotel and diligently encouraging the tiresome souls who ran pass the 10km mark. Their stunning & precise routine performance at The Padang later in the afternoon is simply awesome!

Being the only higher leading institutions who is committed to support the national mega sporting event over the last few years, TP Blazers is again awarded with 1st-runners up of the Spirit on the Course 2007 – Cheerleading Competition. The winning title is given to a junior team - Willington Warriors, to encourage their efforts in participation.

3 cheers for TP Blazers for standing tall to motivate Singapore! Jia You!
SAM : tan

Uncle Sam was so lame today!
He msged to me "you got a mail"
I was like "Huh? my mail got send to TP?"
Then he replied " Email lah!"

Haha yupyup so above is e email he sent=) Thanks Uncle Sam! It will surely take me days to write such a beautiful paragraph... Thanks for being with us during the competition.. thanks for your e banners, burgers, donuts... thanks for everything=)

Having Coach and Uncle Sam is indeed the most blessed gift Blazers could ever have! LOVE YA!!!=)

Anw sch been really good this few days=)
Today had CSAS lesson and ms chew gave us M&M =)

HM, AZ, YC and KH=)

Anw friday is sha's bdae!!! We goin bugis for steamboat! Suppose to bring a guy each.. wonder who is our bdae girl goin to bring! MUHAHAHAHAHAH... Cant wait to eat e meatballs again!

Kkz.. life rocks now! Cant wait for 1+ more weeks to party like siao=)

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