Thursday, November 01, 2007



Yesterday really rocks=)

Sch was as usually fun with my babes! CSAS lesson we were reading thru some ppl resume and one of them said "Im you candidate"... haha it sounds so funny! WAH we laughed like hell... its e joke of e day for me and azeimah=)

haha went to watch Becoming Royston with Peima, Fel, Cheryl, Marko, Haziq and Zubair! Hmm e ending a bit sudden.. yeah but alvin is good=)

The best part of the day is meeting up with Mel and Tini! haha so glad they are doin so well now! Yeah mel is goin over to Australia to study soon... and tini is with some great company now and gets to fly here fly there!
Actually i really cant wait to grad and step out into the working world! haha i also duno y im so excited... if i follow wat i studying now i will most probably end up in some hospital testing shit and urine...

Anw thank god sch ended early today... theres so much things to do! A bit dun feel like workin tml and sat liao:p haha kkz tink i goin to do my stuff now... CANT WAIT FOR TRG LATER! =)

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