Friday, September 28, 2007



Actuali wanted to blog this afternoon when im online... haha but duno y i didnt in e end!!! Haha.. mayb becoz i left my brain in e freezer:p

Kkz yesterday was a tiring day... worked frm 7am-12pm... after tt went bugis with marko and ate subway! Cheerleading was cool coz we learnt a new dance=)

Today is a slacky day...
Slept until 10.30am... haha my mum tot im sick coz i usually wake up before 9am:p
Spend e rest of e day using com.. listening to music... playing with my cousin.. refused to help my mum with house chores... and EAT!!! Whao my mum friend made an oreo cheese mooncake damn shiok sia!!!

Ard 4pm i suddenly felt very bored so went to cut my hair.. after dinner found an excuse to leave hse and met larry for awhile:p Den ard 8.30pm went Giant with my mum, sis, uncle, aunt and their 2 kids... the standard of ikea hotdog bun dropped le=(

Kkz tink im goin to watch tv... haha veri long didnt watch tv le! Looking very forward to tml=)


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