Friday, September 14, 2007




This is how i will describe today's performance!

Haha GREAT JOB JUNHUI, CHERYL, MICHELLE, CHENGYEE, WENMINN, TRACY, MINYI!!! Know its been really exhausting for you gals.. going home near 12am yesterday and need to come back at 8am to rehearse again! Yupyup but think our efforts did pay off... with the 'well done's and of course the PIZZA HUT! :p

Kkz tis a video of our rehearsal yesterday...

Haha.. kkz i really enjoyed this performance.. so much fun with e gals=) And we got a friendly coordinator Darren too:p And Peiming our nanny!!! haha cant imagine how we survive without peima=)

Yeah okok i gtg now.. meeting larry in 10mins time to watch moive! byebye!

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