Wednesday, August 29, 2007




haha today rocks man!
Went Pizza Huting after our last paper and its been so long since we can take our time and look at the rain fall~~~~~ The feeling is so shoik! =)
Haha ate the super cheezy pizza and its a MUST TRY! Think one of the best pizzas produced by pizza hut:)

After tt went home slept for 2 hours and went PP to look for PEIMA! We sat at mac chatted a bit then i left for church:)

Today theres a talk by Rev May Tan about worship. Haha its really interesting.. never realised it requires so many factors to lead a good worship!

Kkz was doin some cheer stuff den jus realized its 2.30am now!

Now i feel tired:p

Kkz gtg sleep... need to recharge myself to PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR!!!

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