Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Tis week is like so slack.. with only one htech quiz.. haha so feeling very weird and unsecure:p
kkz.. my weekend was finally spent e way i wanted to be... at home!
Haha.. sat rocks man! I can sleep all i want den do my stuff slowly:) Sun went church in e morning and had long worship:) after tt went to a event to watch my mum dance aerobic(-.-!!!) haha lame rite... but got michelle with me:) Chat a lot and really miss secondary sch days! Cant wait for their A level to b over so we can go out and siao again:)

Yeah so me now with justina slacking in com lab... i got 6 hrs break lah!! shiok not...

Yupyup.. so shd enjoy myself now b4 sem exam takes away my time again:p
Tml goin watch A.L.O.N.E with babes!!! YEAH! So long didnt watch movie le... haha
Thurs mos prob goin hong's sec sch in jurong to teach cheerleading!
Fri its badminton day:)

kkz gtg for jap! see ya:)

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