Saturday, July 07, 2007


Today was different from other fridays:) haha..

Was early for Mgen lec! Usually arrive on dot or late:P
Didnt sleep in CSAS class unlike usual:P
Played badminton w my babes and e2 friends:) Usuali will b sleepin at home... Haha so long didnt play le!!! Had a realli great time:)
Went CSC agm instead of cheerleading training which is so unlike of me!

Anw.. today was talking with zhao, sharon and ying abt horror movies and suddenly felt like watching Cinderalla(korean horror)!!! they say it until its so interesting la.. who got e dvd? my com got no speaker so dun wan watch frm youtube:P

kkz.. wana go sleep le!!! Update soon:)

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