Friday, June 15, 2007


SO fast its friday for the first week of holiday!!!

haha.. yeah time reali passes veri fast when u hav fun:)

Monday had nyaa meetin and went shopping with e babes:) But didnt manage to buy my shorts coz im TOO FAT! All of us cant even squeeze in size L and Zhao bought size S... tis e best comparison of how thin Zhao is!!! haha.. the lucky girl is in japan now.. hope she gain more weight and b like us:p
Went to meet peima and my sis to send Hong of in e evening... another lucky guy.. goin Italy for 3 weeks!!! start missing them alreadi..........

Tue was in sch from 9am-9pm.. haha.. helping peima to do her DBS board in e morning... met Sheena, Azei and Eric for apel in e afternoon and theres training at night!
Guess wat.. DAMIEN came to coach us!!! I duno y but i never imagine we will hav tis day!!! Damien live up to his name of being the president of Singapore Cheerleading Assication.. hes so strong la!!!! Now i know y Aces and Magnium guys r so big size:P

Wed was Merit Award Ceremony! The event was not as boring as i tot coz someone bluffed me theres 1001 award recipient... haha.. I was veri reluctant to go at first but didnt regret goin coz saw quite a few cute guys:)

Yesterday went childcare... its been 2 months since i last went and only a few children rmbed me:( haha.. but they r veri easy to get along with and Ida gave me a flower when me and nana brought them out for outdoor.. so cute rite!
Left halfway when e kids are still outdoor-ing to go training... I LOVE CARTWHEELS:)

haha.. so wat hav i done today? tink spend 70% of my time drinking water and goin toilet coz im having a bad sore-throat.. hopefully can rush finish all my work coz next week theres e2 subcom camp!!! Going sentosa on fri with my babes aso:)

Yeah.. enjoy ur holi too:) bye!

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