Sunday, May 13, 2007

Poly life can really make a person go crazy... 2/3 months of schooling you get busy until siao... followed by 2 months of holiday that you get so bored until siao.... Haha.. but i prefer to b busy than free=)

Kkz.. the past week had been really busy but great.. some enjoyable moments..
-My first cds jap lesson... JAP IS SO HARD!!! haha... but the lang is so interesting... and my classmates r funny too:)
-Met up with Mel for lunch! haha... jupiter rocks!!! Had a good talk with khartini too:)
-Ying Jian bdae on Wed!! Haha.. although i didnt celebrate w him and e2.. but left him a bdae message on friendster and he replied wishing me all e best for studies and CHEERLEADING!!! haha.. it reali brightens my day=)
-The mos enjoyable part of e week was of coz meeting up with the Balthazar team!!! Realli enjoy working with Eric, Gordon, Leeying and Linshen... they r so funny and cool!!! To keep the suspense.. i shd update more details next week!

haha.. mothers are the greatest gift on earth and i agree=)

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