Saturday, May 26, 2007



*tired*.. 3 projs due soon... another week to term test.... cant wait for holidays!!!

haha actuali cant wait for sch holiday is becoz of CHEERLEADING!!! This new batch of juniors are so cute and committed.... nothing is more happy than seeing Blazers growing stronger and stronger! GO BLAZERS!

haha.. yup.. went for presb captian ball today! Although onli played 1.5 matches but really enjoyed myself:) The weather was great and theres a lot of shuai ges:p

Raj bdae rocks too!!! haha... i love being w my cheermates:) above pic is took at raj's party de:)

Quite a few events happened recently tt made me feel so blessed that im Kum Hui Min!
Thank God for such a wonderful family and wonderful friends.... my church friends, cheermates, babes etc... whom they always made me feel happy and protected:) Love u guys!

kkz.. gtg rush some cheer stuff den goin sleep... see ya!

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