Saturday, February 10, 2007

im good:)


Haha.. sorry for not updating for some time:p

I GOT A NEW BAG!!!! From MY SIS and SERENE... THANKS SO MUCH!!! I reali love it a lot... the colour.. the size... *so touched*

Went back PRSS today... not kapoh to see the O lvl results... but to celebrate Ms Ang bdae!!! Haha... she was so touched and quite shocked that such small gesture can realli make her so happy:) Haha... the best part was of coz meeting up with M.A.C., xiner and best friend!!!So glad tt they r doing well! Got to eat the curry noodles too! Yummy:) But gtg rush back for hpi so didnt manage to enjoy all the fun....

Haha.. kkz... as for others its quite normal ba...
Sch: Havin fun with my babes... but Sheena, Justina and Sharon r sick... take care babes!!!

Cheerleading: Training for nationals now... having a great time working as a team with my cheermates:) OUR NATIONAL IS MOST PROB ON THE 24th/25th MARCH or 1sr APRIL... plz come support ok!!! Im sure BLAzERS wont disappoint u guys... Ur presence will also b a great support to me too:)

NYAA: Meeting nine-noobs to make pineapple tarts tml!!!

Church: My fav time of the week... Yeah!!! 2 more days to sun!!!

Family: Haha.. actuali i duno wat to write... but it will b werid to write about everything but didnt include my family.. the most important ppl in my life:) Haha..

Kkz... sem test in 2 weeks time!!! Cant wait for next week to finish off with my 2 projs and final test!!! Cant wait for holiday to do so much things...

Kkz... take care guys... bye!

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