Friday, February 16, 2007


HAha... had a great week tis week! Coz got 2 days for celebration.. Valentine and me & Ting's bdae! :)


Kkz... Valentine!
Spent half the day in sch.. went CS to take neoprint and rest of the day w Ying and Kahang dying our hair!
Thanks Coach for her choco!
Thanks Qingxiu for her very very cute lollipop... so cute tt i dun wana eat it:)
Thanks Ying for her lovely angel bear!!!
Thanks Sharon for her beautiful flower:)
Thanks babes for all the hugs and loves:)
And most importantly thanks my mum for letting me dye my hair!!!! Haha... dyed it dull red but a bit disappointing coz like not much diff...

Yup... today is mine n ting bdae... and I got all of my material wishes fullfiled:)
Thanks MuMmy for her angbao and her boundless love tt she had given me for the 18 years:)
Thanks Ting and Serene for the bag!!!
THANKS Ying, Kahang, Sharon, Justina, Zhao, Sheena & Azeimah! FOR THE TUMBDRIVE!!!! And the cake and the card:)
Thanks PEIMA for your lovely earrings!!! I looked great in it:)
Thanks HuiShan for e card:)
Thank my aunt for e angbao which I used it to dye my hair!
Thanks Yuhui and ChaiLing for your early well wishes....
And of coz many many who blessed me on my bdae... M.A.(c).(h).Y.. Idy!... SweeSiong.... Serene Yong:)... Yumin... Shuangshuang... Sharyl.. Melissa!... and my CHEERMATES!!!!

Praise the Lord for always giving me such a wonderful bdae every year!!!

Haha... spend my whole day in sch today... and I love it coz its doin my fav thing which is cheerleading... hope BLAZERS CAN TOP 3 IN NATIONAL!!!!

Kkz... quite tired... gtg... THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE!!!! LOVE YA!!! * muacks*

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