Saturday, November 18, 2006

:) + :( = :l

I had a great day yesterday!

Haha.. yup.. went for Pass It On(TP relay) and TP Choir concert:)

I didnt expect to hav so many participants in the relay.. theres 35 grps in total!! Haha.. and mostly are really sporty ppl(im running for community service club)... so Desmond, JunWen, Jeffrey and me decided that its good enough to get 34th :p But of coz we did better than we expected... tink we get 30th or better?

Know I roughly got the ideal how Mr Boo looks like! Haha.. no need worry for Standard Chartered liao:p
Yesterday also got a rough feeling wats the cheerleading competition is like for Standard Chartered.. its quite fun screaming like mad to encourage ppl to run instead of walking... but my throat alreadi for a 1.5x8km run.. so i cant imagine screaming for 42.5k marathon!

Then went to Chior concert with Lex.. was better than I expected.. Haha.. Great job Joan and Isabelle!!

After tt dun feel like going home(coz dun feel like studying:p) so went back to E2 clubroom with Lex and see Meliisa, Sharon, Lex, Ying Jian and Jing Yao pack the room...
Sometimes I really wonder if i got into the correct course.. Coz the ppl there are always so happy and funny... Sometimes I really find it diffcult to smile being a science student... *stress*

Haha.. so stay at their clubroom until 10+pm and went for dinner with them... After tt chatted with Melissa until 12+am den went home...

And I went home and realise my cousins still in my house.. something not right... found out tt my uncle was hospitalized becaouse of his gastric pains again... I feel so bad.. Everybody was so worried at home and im enjoying myself outside:(

Kkz.. plz pray for my uncle ok? And my aunt too... i tink she found 2 lumps at her throat.. both of them are waiting for the docs result....

So now im feeling a bit low.. worried for my uncle and aunt and becoz of next week tests all tt.. Haha.. but im fine.. dun worry... tink i better get started w my revision now or else i will surely go mad next week:p

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