Friday, November 17, 2006

Today is my first time waitering and I LOVE IT:)

Haha.. actuali its onli a 2-days job... got the lobang from Frances:)
Today event was something on the coming stage play of Phantom of the Opera in Feb... so wat we suppose to do is to walk around and serve food... Haha.. at first my hand was like trembling quite badly coz the metal plate is so big!! But slowly got used to it...

Everything was fun becoz of the ppl there ba:) Michelle, Audrina, Frances and all the funny guys! And the pay is good man... $25 for 2hrs!!!

Thanks Nana for the replacement... the event wont b so fun without u :p

Cant wait for 24th Nov:)

Kkz... yesterday lizhen came to our house to stay and hope she enjoyed:)

Sch is so mad now... so many projects and tests.... going mad soon... haha... but dun worry.. i always like to distress myself.. Like tml got Pass It On relay... and going TP Choir concert:)

Haha.. kkz... byebye.. update soon:)

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