Monday, November 06, 2006

Caffe Pratel rocks!!

Today went for a really nice cafe for lunch with my church friends... Caffe Pratel(@outram park) The cake is shiok man.. it tastes like ferror rochae!! Haha.. we spent like 2 1/2hr there chatting.. the service is good too!!A set meal, a drink and a cake cost $9... its really worth it... when i receive my IMF pay i will surely go there to eat again!

Ok lah.. mus aso praise Lizhen for doing a good job for leading the worship today! Keep up the good job!!

Cheerleading performance is finally over... Everybody can finally hav a good rest now!! Actuali I dun wan it to be over.. coz it means i hav to start doing my tutorials all tt.. *stress*.. theres so much things undone or unrevised... I dun feel like goin to sch tml...

Hey.. i wana say sorry to my cheermates... sorry for forgetting to bounce again... which is the reason y i didnt go up on Yam... Everything could hav been perfect... sorry....

Mummy is sick.... I duno y but I feel very uncomfortable when my mum is sick... mayb tt y im not in a very good mood now... plz pray for her kkz!
My sis is sick too.... hope she get better coz i know she got a lot of projects to do...
Thank God tt my grandma is feeling better and laughing w the tv again:)

Kkz.. i better start with my things... update soon again ok:)

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