Saturday, November 25, 2006


In lib now discussing CSAS proj:) Haha... slept only 4 hrs yesterday so my mind a bit blank now..
I tink Char-les is right... im a mutant from Mars... Tis week is the least I sleep in MY WHOLE LIFE but I still feel enegetic:)

Haha.. but I know my body cant take it soon... my eyes cant open.. my cough wont go away... Later Lex will start 'laughing' at me again:(

Yesterday work was better than last week coz theres more ppl and theres a mini competition... guess who won? CHAR-LES... haha.. so each of us got extra $8!

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kkz.. gtg do lab report now... so many things to do...
church camp preparation.. coming week theres 4 projects.. 2 tests.. captian ball competition, cheerleading camp. Standard Chartered and TPRawks... will i ever survive next week?

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