Sunday, October 22, 2006


Sorry sorry... was busy yesterday so dun hav the time to blog..

Haha.. kkz... back to Thurs...
Went TKSCC with Xiner in the morning... YEAH! Im getting better with names:) Haha... but Darren and Arron didnt come.. miss them so much!

After tt is the highlight of the day! Met up with Michelle, Nana, Cheryl , Yuling and Ying Shuang.. Although we spent like less than 4 hrs together.. its so happy to see them:) Glad they all doing well in jc... YEAH! Nana.. coming to TP next yr:) Haha.. Ying shuang still as mad... I miss 4e7 so much...

Went cheerleading after tt... try out a new formation and dance... SO COOL! Haha.. I LOVE BLAZERS!

Kkz.. yesterday went for TP dance concert and I tink the hip-hop dance is quite good:) Peiming and Xiaopei really diff... cant imagine Peiming in hip-hop or Xiaopei in cheer!!

Haha.. Sch reopening soon!! Cant wait to b crazy with the babes again:) Got leadership as my cds.. how about u guys??

Kkz.. gtg...see ya soon!

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